God isn't against natural abilities.  He gave them to us, but He gave different people different abilities to use as an avenue to witness.

When we get the connection between the soul realm and the spirit realm, we could change many things by applying the spiritual knowledge we have to the physical things that need to be changed ... then watch all the miracles happen!

When we see a miracle , everyone gets so excited ... "Look at what God is doing!  It's supernatural ... man had no part in it!  Our God is doing it!" 

Things like this should be an EVERYDAY occurence.  It should not be just a one-time thing in a lengthy amount of time.  It should be normal and the natural things should be subnormal

The supernatural happenings should be normal to us & we should expect this.  This is what God desires us to be ... doing the works of Jesus naturally.  We are not of this world, doing the things of the world ... we are above that. 

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  


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