We've attended many very powerful Holy Ghost- filled meetings over the years.  Here is a word that was spoken out about 35 years ago in one of these meetings.  I do not believe that this word has been completely fulfilled at this point in time.

The speaker said:  "I believe that we're on the crest of a wave of praise and worship that's so overwhelming and so powerful that it will become the power and the source of evangelism in the Church (the Body of Christ) in these last days.

When the people in the world (the unsaved ones) see the people in the Church so in love with their Heavenly Father, so in love with God, that praise and worship becomes the status quo, and the things that every believer does because they believe and are so in love with their God, they are going to beat down the walls of the church to get in because they want what the Body of believers has.

This wave is going to become the power and the flow and the force of evangelism, and it's going to spring out of our praise and worship.  God is going to bring this wave to the Body ... it's coming, it's on the way ... some of it is already here.

Healings come instantaneously during our praise and worship that will not manifest in any other way.  People have laid their hands on the sick and they don't always get their healing manifested.  But our worship of the Heavenly Father will bring about our healing."  

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 




John 3:16

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