A story of the Apostle Paul and his friend/co-worker in the ministry, Silas, is told in Acts 1616-26

Paul and Silas had just cast a demonic spirit out of a little girl who was following them around.  Afterwards some Roman soldiers came and took them, tied them up, lashed their backs with their whips, and threw them into the prison house.

In their predicament, the two men should've been complaining to the Lord ... that's what most of us would do, right?  They should've been complaining to Him about their missionary business .... "Lord, we don't want to be missionaries.  It's too hard, it hurts too much."  They should have been speaking their feelings to God.

But what were they doing?  Instead of venting their feelings and having a pity party, feeling sorry for themselves, Acts 16:25 says that "at midnight they sang praises unto God."  Why were they  praising God when they were hurting all over, their feet were locked in stocks, and they were in a prison house with a bunch of criminals?

Why did they praise God in their situation?  Because God said to praise Him!

But they didn't just sing softly, barely above a whisper ... "We bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord."  Shhh, quiet ... we don't want to make the devil mad.  NO!  They threw their shoulders back and sang their praises so loud that the prisoners in another part of the prison heard them.

And what happened then?  The ground began to shake ... God honored their sacrifice of praise.  They were made free!

He will honor your sacrifice of  praise also, and you'll be made free of the situation that you are in!  

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 



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