Let's talk about Jonah in the belly of the great fish.  Just before he was vomited up on the dry ground, Jonah promised God that he would pay the vow that he had vowed.

That's not all he ppromised, though.  He also said that he would offer unto God the sacrifice of thanksgiving.  When he said this, he hit the "hot button" and the fish vomited him up.  That fish couldn't handle somebody who was praising God.

He had no reason to praise God when he had been in the fish's belly for three days, and with seaweed hanging around his neck.

Jonah was a stubborn guy.  He didn't flow in praise at all.  It took him three days to begin to pray.  (I would've been praying 50 seconds on the way down the throat!)  It took Jonah three days!

After three days, it finally got through to Jonah and he told God that he will offer unto Him the sacrifice of thanksgiving.  That fish got rid of Jonah like a hot potato because he couldn't handle him any longer.  

This is what happens to the power of the enemy who has you bound.  When you exercise the weapon of praise, you get out of his hole and you tear down his stronghold.

Feels good to be free, doesn't it?!!

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 


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