When we're not in God's Presence, we feel far from Him and we wonder why He isn't as close to us as before.  I've asked Him, "Why don't I sense more of Your Presence?"  It's probably because we're not allowing the Holy Spirit to deal with the sin in our heart, justifying us.

To get into God's Presence and stay there, we have to stop doing the things that take His Presence away from us.  God told me that believers who want to progress  must get rid of wrong traditions, doctrines of men that aren't scripturally sound, and doctirnes of devils. We have to get these things our of our lives and out of our thinking if we are going to press on into God's absolute Truth, and the revelation knowledge of that Truth.  We've got to  make a 180-degree turn and flee from the very thing that keeps us from His Presence, whatever it may be.

We've come into the Presence of God, and suddenly we start doing something that we know we shouldn't be doing ... and His Presence starts to leave.  Actually His Presence doesn't leave ... our recognition of it leaves ... because He said that He would never leave us or forsake us.  He's still there in our spiritual realm ... but the manifestation of His Presence may not be as tangible as it was before.

He sees the mistakes that we make and He just draws back like the angels do when we don't give them anything to do.  They just sit there with their arms folded waiting for us to give them something to do.

The Holy Spirit is always working ... He's the One Who convicts us of whatever it is that we've messed up.  We think that He has moved into a dark corner of our life and doesn't want anything more to do with us. He is waiting for us to turn away from that, and turn back to Him.  Then the manifestation of His Presence comes back to us.  

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler






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