We have to consistently make the decision to stay in God's Presence.  Every time temptation comes up, we must choose not to be drawn away from Him.

Now we aren't looking for a manifestation ... manifestations are nice.  we are looking for His Presence ... and His Presence will bring the manifestations.  We are seeking His face, not His hand.  We may need a healing, a miracle, but more than anything we need His Presence.  We must decide to get into His Presence and then decide to stay there ... NO MATTER WHAT!

We aren't going to get into His Presence from some "religious institution", because religion promotes religion, not Jesus.  He wants to be present in our lives more than we want Him to be and more than we allow Him to be.

We have to open the door ... we have to say, "Come, Lord Jesus, come by Your power, come by Your anointing, and touch the lives of hungry people.  Come and touch our lives.  Come and touch my life."

Each of us must make this a personal thing ... for ourselves.  We cannot do it for others.  We can show them the way, how to do it, but they each must do it for themselves!

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 



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