We are spirit beings and we have all of God's attributes (characteristics).  Our spirit man has a voice because God is in there, and He's always trying to get through to our soulish realm to make the right decisions, to go the right way, and to never mess it up.  This is where our free will comes in ... where we make our decisions.

Are we going to listen to the Holy Spirit, our Guide, when we get into a situation, and pray?  Or are we going to make up our own mind anyway?  Our soulish realm is going to try and dictate which one we listen to because this is our decision-making realm.  This ties right into revelation knowledge because our soul realm (our mind, our will, and our emotions) will choose the revelation knowledge of God's Truth we have.  If we don't know much of His Truth, we can't operate in much.  We will operate in the natural.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 



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