We have the Presence of Jesus with us all the time. 

We think that we have to recite the Scriptures out of the King James Version which is not the case.  The key is when we speak out the principles of the Word which is the Word regardless of whether it's spoken from a different version of the Bible, in another language, or in tongues.

When we're speaking out the principles of the Word, we are speaking out the Presence of Jesus ... because He is in us.  We can have His Presence individually or we can experience it corporately in a group meeting.  Sometimes there's an aroma, a feeling of heat that's turned up, or getting goose bumps on our arms.  These are just a few of the things that physically happen.

Do we not sense it in us?  When we go from an individual Presence of the Lord and bring it into a corporate sense, it becomes more recognizable.  Our senses sense it more because the manifestation of it is greater, such as in a sweet smelling odor, which is just one way that He manifests His Presence.  A lot of times our flesh will react to His Presence when it's in that higher level, and also at the times when we're ministering to people.     

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 



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