When we are first born again, and when we know that we're born again, nobody can talk us out of it. This is our very first revelation knowledge.  OK, that's the beginning.  We've got one of the fundamental Truths that we need to be a believer.

There are people who have gone through more Truths and have a huge repertoire of revelation knowledge of God's Truths.  They are living on a higher plain, living more for God than they do in the natural.  There are Christians from this point all the way down to the ones who have just accepted Jesus as their Savior ... newly born again.  Then along this line there are some people moving this way and some moving that way ... backsliders ... until God deals with them and they start going the right way again.  All of these things tie together.

So, are we going to live for God or for ourselves?

Before we are born again, we live in a "carnal Christian" religious atmosphere. 

It's always easier to see everyone else's shortcomings than our own.  Maybe this is good in a way because God may be telling us to pray for that person in the area of his shortcoming.  You may be praying for yourself in this area also at the same time because you may be doing the same thing as he is. 

you recognize it in someone else, but not in yourself.  The Holy Spirit, our Teacher, will say, "Yes, you need to pray for them in a certain area", knowing full well that we are going to benefit ourselves when we do that.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 




John 3:16

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