The Church needs to have the sweet revelation of Jesus.  We are "trying" to do this ... we cannot "try" to have the Presence of Jesus.  If we try and work it up ourselves, it will not happen.  It will be something else ... it won't be His Presence.  Actually what will happen is we will crack open the door for the devil, and he'll say, "Oh, you want this?  OK, I'll come in and give you a few things and see if you'll bite on them."

The world is crying out for the Presence of Jesus because it's only in His PResence that they're going to find true satisfaction.  The Church often runs away from His Presence ... we becme afraid of it because it's something that we don't understand.  If we don't walk in His Presence, how will the unsaved meet Him?  Why are we, the born-again ones, running away from Him?

I think it's because of pastors fearing that if they open up their services to the move of the Holy Spirit, they will lose their control.  They think that if they let the Holy Spirit do it, they'll lose control and the whole congregation will go beserk.  Their control is a big deal ... they feel secure when they are in control.  When they are operating in this way, their faith man is just sitting there wondering why he's even there at all. He isn't being used. 

These pastors are manipulating their congregations into believing that what's going on is the move of the Spirit when it's probably a move of a  demonic spirit.     

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 




John 3:16

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