Romans 8:1 AMP ... Therefore [there is] now no condemnation ... no adjudging guilty of wrong ... for those who are in Christ Jesus, who live not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the (Holy) Spirit.

We have to be hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit in us ... not walking after our flesh, doing what we want to do.  This "no condemnation" is not automatic.

The Law of the Spirit of Life ... the Holy Spirit ... the Law of our new being ... our spirit man ... has been freed from the law of sin and death.  Our flesh, our carnality, still has to live under the law of sin and death.  Listen to people talk and you hear the law of sin and death being discussed, plain as day.  It's just part of this natural world in which our flesh is involved.

We don't like to leave our comfort zone, but we must, if we're to be imitators of the Lord Jesus Christ ... intimate with Him ... to be what He wants us to be and to do what He wants us to do.  He has a specific thing for each one of us to do ... that only you or I can do.

Everyone of us has a mission ... a part ... something that we are supposed to do.  Perhaps part of your mission is being involved with other Christians and combining your mission with their mission.  God has given you a mission that is yours and yours alone ... and He and you are the only ones that are going to do anything about it.  This is your territory.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 



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