Did you know that the words you speak carry a lot of weight?  They can either bless or condemn.

Words are seeds ... either good seeds or weed seeds ... and they will ALL grow.  We must be aware of the seeds that we are planting (speaking).

Seed time is the planting of the next harvest down the road in time. You WILL ALWAYS get a harvest of the words that you speak.  Some may take longer to mature than others, but there is ALWAYS  a harvest. 

God's Word tells us that what we sow, we WILL reap.  We want a good harvest ... we do not want weeds in with our harvest.

Not only do we have to watch what we say, but we must watch what things we see and hear.  It's very important that we don't place ourselves in situations where we will see evil things happening or hear evil words being spoken (movies are the worst offenders) ... because that's what we'll feed our spirits.

Our spirits are fed by the words that we say and the things we hear. This is being put into our hearts.  And when these things enter into our spirits, they are going to come forth out of our mouths.  It's out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks.

So let the seeds you plant ... the words you say ... be good ones. ones of blessing, not condemnation. 

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler


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