It's hard to grumble when you're in the Presence of Jesus.  It's hard to gripe and complain when you're in His Presence.  It's hard to criticize, to judge, when you're in His Presence, and it's nearly impossible to sin when you're in His Presence.

If you get into His Presence for a day, you can stay for a week, a month, six months, and then stay there permanently.  You live there, no matter what.  This is our goal!

Don't let the enemy draw you out.  Don't let him take you out of the Presence of Jesus.  Just say to him:  "NO, I'M NOT GOING TO ARGUE WITH YOU!  I'm going to do a good work for God.  I'M STAYING IN THE PRESENCE OF JESUS!"

I just want the Presence of Jesus.  In His Presence there is FULNESS of JOY.  In His Presence is everything we need.  And I want to be in His Presence all the time.  

We have to make the decision to stay in His Presence.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler




John 3:16

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