People come to Jesus because Jesus is there ... they sense His Presence, and everything they need is in His Presence.  God's Presence is everything we need to live and walk in victory.

Our walking in victory involves:

1> our words,

2> our knowing the revelation knowledge of God's Truth,

3> us walking in His Presence, and

4> obedience.

These are just a few.  You can study any one of these things in the Scriptures and learn about that particular subject, but they all tie together.

In His Presence there is healing, there is provision, there is fullness of joy.  In His Presence He provides everything that you and I need.  Do you need a job to earn a living?  He provides it.  As long as we walk in God's Presence, we have His favor.  The only way that this will stop in our life is if we stop it.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 


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