We must come to a place of brokenness (yieldedness) before God where we are willing to pay the xost regardless of what it may take to have the new and fresh manifestation of the Spirit in our lives.

A 5-minute prayer once a week is not sufficient to get the job done.  It will take spiritual energy to bring about the results in our and others' lives.

We must be willing to plow up the hardness of our heart ... we have put our hearts in a casement to protect them (referring to the "hardness" of the heart).  Our heart isn't going to grow like it's supposed to do when it's encapsulated within this hardness.  The hardness must be plowed up ... otherwise the good seed will be wasted among the thorns.

We must be willing to get alone with God ... to weep and travail and wait before Him with specific goals and tasks in mind that He's given us to do.  We cannot get caught up with all the other stuff around us ... the trappings that the devil would use to get us off course.

We must be single-minded in determination to get rid of all the weeds that have grown and infested our heart and mind (our soulish realm, our natural thinking) causing us to speak the world's words instead of God's Words.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler





John 3:16

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