Matthew 13:3b-8 ... Behold, a sower went forth to sow; and when he sowed, some seeds fell by the wayside, and the fouls came and devoured them up.  Some seed fell upon stony places where they had very little soil, and soon they sprung up because they had no deepness of earth.  And when the sun was up they were scorched, and because they had no root they withered away.  Some fell among thorns and the thorns sprung up and choked them.  But other (seed) fell on good ground and brought forth fruit, some 100-fold, some 60-fold, and some 30-fold.

We must cultivate the new seeds that God is placing in our hearts.  God says that He's planting seeds in our life that would produce fruit in our life until Jesus comes.

This spiritual fruit will not come automatically, however.  That's where we have a  part to play.  None of the manifestations of God's power and blessing are going to come automatically down from Heaven into our life.  These seeds contain the ability to roduce spiritual fruit, but their grown will depend upon you, on me, on us.

Before the seeds can germinate, grow, and produce the fruit in our life, certain conditions must be met.  #1: They must be sown in fertial soil.

We must be into the Word of God and we must have an open heart and mind ... our soulish realm is  the big thing.  They must receive prayer, proper care, and nourishment.  We must meditate on what God is doing with us.

Unless these conditions are met, the spiritual seeds will remain dormant as they have been in the past.  They'll be unproductive in our life.  The ability to produce the spiritual fruit is still in the seed, but it cannot grow until these conditions are met ... and this takes spiritual energy.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler 



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