Humankind is the only creation made by God that has a free will.

When we stop and think about it .... this is a very powerful revelation. It's something so simple that we really haven't thought much about it.

Animals operate ... they do everything ... by their instincts.  They do not have a free will to do what they please.  For years scientists have been trying to find out how they know all that they know.  The answer is ... God gave it to them.

You alone must exercise your will by faith to experience restoration in your life.  Faith is a fact.  Faith is an act, an action.  Faith does not come alive until you put it into action.

Before you can move into action, you must exercise your will.  You have to determine that you're going to do a certain thing ... and you must know that God is telling you to do it.  But faith is the activator of your will.  We can do nothing without faith.

Reverend Robert W. Mary C. Butler 


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