I wonder if anyone besides me has ever wondered what the Star really was?  I've heard people tell what they think it was ... but the more I ponder about what they say, the more it didn't seem to be correct to me.  Like a couple planets in our solar system becoming aligned with each other or that it was just a super bright star in the sky.

I'll tell you why I don't believe that either of these answers are true.  First of all, the Star that the Wise Men followed from their homeland to Bethlehem led them all the way for at least two years ... so the Star could not possibly be this.  And the stars in the sky don't move as the Bible says this one did ... to show the Wise Men the way to Jesus.

You read where the Star disappeared when the Wise Men were with King Herod and then reappeared when they continued their journey into Bethlehem, where it came to rest and stopped over the place where the Christ Child was.  This Star didn't appear to these men until after Jesus was born.  It took them two years to get to their destination ... so Jesus was two years old when they saw Him.  Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were in that stable for only a few days, as the Bible tells us that the Wise Men came to the house to worship Him.

And the shepherds ... they were visited by a HUGE group of angels who told them to go and seek out the place in Bethlehem where Joseph, Mary, and the Baby Jesus were.  Of course, they did what they were told and found them in the stable where they worshiped Him.

I think that these shepherds were the very first ones to be told of Jesus' birth by those angels.  After doing this, the angels left the Earth.  They appeared as the Star for the Wise Men to bring them to Bethlehem ... leading them, stopping when they stopped, diappearing and reappearing as needed ... lighting the Way (they could"turn on" the Light and "turn it off").

I believe that God sent multitudes of these angelic beings to be the Star that guided the Wise Men to Bethlehem to the Christ Child.  God was  shining His Glory through those angels ... seen on the Earth.  This Star was brighter than any of the other stars in the sky making it distinguishable and easily followed to Bethlehem.

May we all have the Star of Bethlehem in our hearts and follow it to find our Savior Jesus in this most Holy of Seasons.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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