God's been dealing with me about healing ... some very basic Truths, so basic and so simple that it's astounding.

Starting with the very foundational basic stuff is that Jesus Christ has declared that the devil is a liar.  He's the father of lies and there's absolutely no truth in him.  God is absolute Truth ... there are no lies in Him.  It's like darkenss and light.  Light always dispels the darkenss ... Truth always dispels lies.

Everything the devil does is a lie.  Even though it may be very real, it's a lie!  That's all he has ... lies.  So all sickness and disease and everything that he does is under the curse of the law.  Everything that God says and does is Truth.

When we're attacked by the devil, it's a lie.  Even though it may be very real, it's a lie!  People say ... "This is real, it's happening.  My body tells me that I'm being attacked by the devil.  My body tells me that."

YES ... but things that are real are not necessarily true (Bible true).  Things that are real can be of the devil and are shown to be nothing more than a lie manifested in the natural.    

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler




John 3:16

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