During the time of restoration, God's miracle power and the gifts of the Spirit are going to flow in great power and His Glory will be so strong upon us that the world will be able to distinguish us as God's chosen set-apart children.

A definition of the word "glory" is "fire, light".  God's bringing restoration to His children for a witness to the world.  I will say that not all of His children are going to participate in this.

When everything is crumbling around us, the unsaved, worldly people will seek the light, the fire, and come running to it ... to us ... because the light, the fire, the Glory will be shining through us.  Now get this ... we won't have to go out and beat our heads against a wall trying to convince people that they need to be saved.

We are in the End Times.  God will get all the people who aren't saved, give them another opportunity to accept Jesus, and to get rid of everything that the devil has put on them.

We, the Christians, have to be different from the people of the world.  We MUST be DIFFERENT.  If we're sick and poor, and we're walking around like them, the sinners who are rich, healthy, wealthy, and wise are going to say:  "Why should I accept your Jesus?  You're no better off than I am ... in fact, you're worse off.  So we must show a difference in our lives!  

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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