Today, lack of knowledge exists in many Christians.  They've been deceived.  They act as though nothing can be done about Satan's attacks and  that they must accept and learn to live with all those adverse circumstances in their lives.  Que sera, sera ... whatever will be, will be.

Their eyes have been blinded from seeing their true position of strength and power in Jesus Christ.  They are in total deception and totally oppressed by he devil.  He's got them so under his control taht they're doing the Body of Christ absolutely no good.  They call themselves Christians ... but there's no fruit showing in their lives.

There's a new day dawning ... we're in the End Time Harvest cycle, and we're ripping Satan's mask off.  We are rising up in the power of Jesus Christ to take our rightful position that God has planned and purposed for our lives.

It's the climax of the ages ... Jesus is coming back.  We must take our place in His plan of restoration and claim what legally belongs to us as the Body of Christ.  He bought and paid for it for us to enjoy, to live in, and to operate through.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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