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Our Heavenly Father wants us to grow up in new unity of faith.  We are talking about the intimacy that He already sees us in, and that He wants us to see us that way.

The only way that the world will know that Jesus Christ is Lord is if (when) we become one with Him and each other.  This is the intimacy that we're supposed to be walking in.

God wants us to grow up in the knowledge of Christ.  He wants us to renew our minds through His Word until we know Christ in His fullness and understand fully all that He has done for us.  He has given us everything ... He's held nothing back from us!

We shouldn't be running to Him and begging Him for stuff that He's already given to us!  We've gotten these stupid ideas because we've either not been taught or we've been mistaught.  So we haven't gotten it yet and we keep coming back to Him and asking Him for it.

God wants us to grow up and be able to discern sound doctrine.  There's a lot of flaky stuff out there.  If what you hear or see isn't based on the true Word of God, it isn't worth messing with. 

  Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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