Many Christians are still waiting for God to take away certain harmful habits, to deliver them from certain strongholds of the mind ... fear, bitterness, anger ... and make them free from their physical, financial, and family problems.

They don't know that the devil is attacking their will.  They don't know how to use their will as a weapon against his attacks.  So they give up.

God has given us the power and ability as His born-again children and He's waiting for us to exercise this power and take the authority over these things by faith and to bring them under subjection to the Word of God.

We must release our faith to move in action before we can tear down Satan's strongholds in our lives, our communities, cities, and the nations of the world.

You alone are responsible for your actions.  You alone have the power over your will.  You alone have the power of your free will to choose your own destiny.  

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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