Don't keep going back to past victories to obtain satisfaction when there are better victories ahead.  What's ahead is greater than what's behind.

Take natural history, for example.  Look at where we were when the settlers were going across the country to the West.  What mode of transportation did they use?  Horses and wagons ... they didn't jump on a jet plane and fly west.

So the point is, as you progress, your victories in the future ... everything ... is going to be greater than the victories you had in the past. 

God intends for His people to press on to total victory in every area of their lives.  We must not give up ... we must continually press forward to new spiritual territory with a new position of spiritual maturity, new wisdom, new understanding, new perfection, new power, and new revelation.

You can do it!  God said so!

This is your time of restoration ... if you press on.  Throw off the chains of the  past and take your victory!  

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler



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