Assembling the Puzzle to Christian Maturity

Assembling the Puzzle to Christian Maturity


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samplepdficonWe must grow up and get past “born what” baby stage. We need to get a foundation under us and the only way we’re going to get that is to study the Word, letting the Holy Spirit teach us.

Second Peter 1:2-4 tells us about divine power. All things: life and godliness, knowledge of Him, intimacy, glory, virtue, promises, divine nature, etc. are given to us by God after we have been born again. These are things that we have to grow into. We don’t get the full impact of them immediately because we come into His Kingdom as baby Christians. They come as we learn and grow and mature.

In John 3:12 Jesus is talking with His disciples about earthly things and they don’t believe, how could He tell them about heavenly or spiritual things? They had to be dealt with in this natural world, in their soulish realm, to live and grow just like you and me. We have to do the same as they did, become open to learning more and growing in this experience of being a born again Christian.

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